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SmartBooks Launches Software to Help Accounting Firms Improve Efficiency

Today marks a major milestone for SmartBooks. Leveraging our 10 years of experience running a bookkeeping and accounting firm, we’re now launching Genie™, the industry’s first software application dedicated to improving the efficiency of both client accounting work and business operations for bookkeeping and accounting firms. Through a direct integration with QuickBooks, the new platform will enable firms to automate manual processes, thereby eliminating human error and also freeing up time to provide more insight and strategic advisory services to their small business clients.

When speaking with other firm owners, I’ve learned that bookkeeping and accounting firms have long struggled with the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes necessary for accrual accounting. Equally time-consuming is the effort required to manually create and massage spreadsheets to provide clients with insightful reporting. Additionally, firm owners have suffered a lack of transparency in terms of quality control processes, which can lead to inconsistent results and client dissatisfaction. Genie provides accounting firms with a variety of tools to streamline workflows, generate insightful reports and provide enhanced firm-wide visibility all leading to the ability to deliver an enhanced level of service to their clients.

Accounting firms simply need to connect their clients’ and/or prospects’ QuickBooks Online accounts to Genie to tap into Genie’s automation services and AI-fueled tools. Once connected, firms may utilize Genie’s two core components:

  • Client Accounting Toolset: This toolset streamlines client accounting work by automating accrual accounting, enabling the creation of custom reports, dashboards and reporting packages, as well as providing AI-driven analytics around sales and collections. This all simplifies the work and reduces the time necessary to complete it, while efficiently enabling firms to deliver more impressive reporting, insights and advisory services to clients.
  • Firm Operations Toolset: This toolset enables firms to centrally manage all clients, create standard reporting packages, and monitor quality control of all accountant work. Additionally, owners can compare monthly transaction volumes and scope of service against service contract assumptions to better manage profitability at the individual client and firm-wide level.

I fundamentally believe that small business clients deserve timely and accurate financial reporting as well as strategic insight from their accounting partner. In reality, I see that oftentimes, that partner is bogged down with manual accounting and bookkeeping processes and struggling to keep up with quality control. With the introduction of Genie, firm owners can rely on automation of time-consuming manual processes as well as centralized client management to get core work done accurately and on time, enabling their staff to upgrade the client experience with high-value advisory work.

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