Meet Our Service Partners

We partner with other great firms in the small business ecosystem to support client needs that are outside our core competency. We have working relationships with these firms so that the client experience is as seamless as possible.

Build Business Value, Sell for a Premium, and Avoid Earnout.

After a decade of starting, scaling, and ultimately selling their own business, Glenn and Aspen Grant launched Selfassembled Ventures, where they coach and support entrepreneurs who want to create freedom from their business by building enterprise value and putting themselves in a position where they are able to sell their business for a premium valuation.

Selfassembled Ventures

We Help Entrepreneurs Sell Themselves

Main Sheet LLC provides sell-side advisory for small and midsize companies across many different industries.

Mainsheet, LLC

Fractional COO Services for Growth Businesses

Grow with a Fractional COO from KPI. We offer M&A integration, Sales Operations, Process Improvement, and Strategic Planning services.

Key Performance Integrators Fractional COO

Steve provides fractional CFO services to a variety of industries with an emphasis on increasing profits, improving executive reporting, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Payroll, Benefits & HR Services

Outsourcing your payroll processing and benefits administration to Executive Payroll & HR ensures critical functions happen smoothly, reliably, and confidentially. Access human resources compliance and best practices expertise when you need it. With Executive Payroll & HR, you get professional resources at an affordable cost.

Executive Payroll & HR

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Serving as personal CFO for entrepreneurs and executives, we provide holistic financial planning and wealth management, providing you the ability to create and execute a clear plan for your family, your business and your future – so you can live without regrets.

Davis Wealth Advisors

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