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Hit financial goals with the help of our fractional CFOs

Looking for an experienced CFO to set up the right processes and reporting to achieve better financial results from your small business? Seeking ongoing support and thought leadership to help improve cash flow and profitability? Our Outsourced CFO Services are designed with your needs and budget in mind.

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Accelerate Business Growth With Fractional CFOs

Receive strategic finance strategy and support at a fractional cost

Outsource your finance department and get the deep financial guidance you need to take your business to the next level. With the help of one of our fractional CFOs, you’ll have everything necessary to inform key financial decisions.


Enjoy the benefits of senior-level strategic insight while minimizing the expense of hiring a long-term CFO. Our plans are fully customizable based on our clients’ needs. Our communication cadence can range from weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or on an as-needed basis.

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Leave Finance To Us

Strategic finance support

The Financial Operating System: SmartBooks Founder and CEO Calvin Wilder wrote The Financial Operating System to help empower small business owners to run healthier businesses and to become more financially fit. Over the course of the book, Cal outlines proven processed developed and validated in over 20 years of real-world experience managing finance departments for hundreds of small businesses.

Financial Accelerator: With our 90 day Financial Accelerator program, one of our CFOs will assess and remediate your current accounting and reporting, create or upgrade your budget and forecast and identify the key performance metrics that align with your desired business goals. With this program, you can enjoy the benefits of senior level strategic insight while minimizing the expense of a long-term CFO.

Ongoing Outsourced CFO Services: If you’re looking for more regular support from a CFO, we can help with that as well. Our plans are fully customizable based on our clients’ needs and communication cadence can range from Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually or on an As-Needed basis.

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Why Companies Like Yours Choose To Outsource Their Finances With A Fractional CFO From SmartBooks


Reporting you can trust

Clean up your financial reporting so you have confidence it is accurate and you can use it to manage your business.


Financial strategy consulting

Our financial strategy consulting will arm you with the information you need and align financial operations with your business model and financial goals.


Profitability analysis

We’ll set up the systems necessary to evaluate profitability at the firm, business line, and customer level, giving you key insights into key profit drivers.


Technology systems consulting

Ensure your business can achieve your growth goals in a sustainable fashion. We’ll evaluate and implement the right systems, technologies and processes.


Financial forecasting

With budgeting and forecasting, you’ll be able to plan and work toward your growth goals faster and more effectively.


Financial controls

We’ll put the right controls in place to protect you and your business from fraud and embezzlement.


Cash flow management

Remove a significant source of stress by getting a handle on cash flow by optimizing your invoicing, collections, and payables processes.


Selling your business

Thinking about selling your business? We’ve helped businesses to sell for premium valuations by ensuring accounting, finance, and legal is in order.

The Finance Stack

Trying to scale and grow your business? It’s time to peel back the layers of your finance stack and start making improvements.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Vin McCauley

“SmartBooks has given me insights into my financial picture, areas in the business I should focus on, and allowing me to stay focused on growing the business, instead of staying financially compliant.”

Frank Natale


“With SmartBooks, business owners can rest assured that their books are competently managed and audit-ready. For me, since I knew I didn’t need to worry about my GL, payroll or audits based on the trust I had with SmartBooks, I could focus entirely on driving our growth at this key time.”

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