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Husband and wife Cal and Jenny Wilder founded SmartBooks with a simple conviction:

Small business owners deserve better.
Slide 2 - Modest Roots

From modest roots, working out of their town house with a small team, they started SmartBooks to:

Give small businesses options to fit their needs & budgets.
Slide 3 - Technology evolved

Since that time, the technology has evolved.

And our commitment to small businesses has strengthened.
Slide 4 - One- Stop Shop

Evolving from our roots in response to client requests, we now offer

A One-Stop Shop For Small Business Finance Needs.
Slide 5 - Genie

We've always been on the forefront of technology and processes. Our proprietary software platform

SmartBooks Genie powers top-notch service.
Slide6 - Team

Over the last 10 years, our team has run the finance departments for thousands of small businesses.

Contact us to be the next!

Outsourced Finance Designed For Small Businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t have to choose between overpriced and over-sized solutions designed for much larger companies or just getting by with stop-gap measures they can afford but which don’t really address their needs. SmartBooks works exclusively with small businesses and has designed a service offering with their needs in mind.

Small businesses need more than bookkeeping.

While clean books are a must-have for small businesses, many owners need more financial support than that to make key decisions to keep their business thriving.

Small businesses can — and should get more for their dollar.

Service packages and an operational model designed specifically for small businesses change the economics of service delivery, giving business owners and executives a high-quality service they can count on, without breaking any budgets.

Small business owners deserve access to experts at a price they can afford.

With SmartBooks’ team-based approach, small business owners have access to experienced CFOs, CPAs, and CMAs, all for a fraction of the cost of a single full-time generalist.

Small business owners shouldn’t have to settle.

Most small businesses are stuck choosing between a part-time specialist who’s rarely available or a full-time employee who may be great at a lot of things but simply isn’t a trained bookkeeper or accountant. SmartBooks changes that.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

  • Understand client needs, wants, and priorities
  • Determine scope of service including technical accounting needs, transaction volumes, and reporting requirements
  • Develop Statement of Work, sometimes including multiple service options

Service Package Selection

  • Managed Bookkeeping: Basic services for businesses without significant accrual accounting or custom reporting needs
  • Managed Accounting: More extensive and flexible solutions for businesses with more advanced accounting needs
  • Financial Operating System Implementation: Led by a CFO or CMA, we assess financial performance and implement financial metrics reporting to align operations with financial goals, providing whatever bookkeeping and accounting is required to do so


  • Technology systems setup to streamline accounting, upgrade controls, and reduce errors
  • Catchup and cleanup of your books as required– we’re used to cleaning up messy books
  • Definition, documentation, and implementation of accounting policies and procedures for consistent, accurate accounting

Monthly Accounting

  • Day-to-day services such as bill processing and payment
  • Monthly reconciliations, accrual adjustments, and closing of the books
  • Reporting including financial statements, actual vs budget, scorecards and custom reporting as needed
  • Tax planning as needed

Annual Planning

  • Review actual results of the prior year
  • Discuss business goals for the next year
  • Create budget and/or scorecard metrics to measure financial performance against business goals
  • Create annual tax plan and mid-year review cadence

Our Core Values

Be Curious

Be Curious

We’ll ask the right questions so we can deliver a solution that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals, both now and in the future.

Be Accountable

Own the Outcome

We’ll be the reliable extension of your team, setting and meeting expectations and being accountable for the results of our work.

Deliver Scalable Solutions

Deliver Sustainable Solutions

We’ll implement solutions that are consistent with the principles of Cloud Accounting and that will successfully deliver results for you month after month, year after year, through a combination of people, technology, and process.

Enjoy The Ride

Embrace Teamwork

Although you may have one or two accountants you regularly communicate with, they draw on our collective experience to provide you the benefits of working with a large and experienced team.

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