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We help small businesses optimize tax strategy and get returns prepared right and on time. Our proactive approach to tax strategy means you’ll go beyond traditional planning to save your business money over time.

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Seamless Tax Services Tailored To Your Needs

Get strategic tax strategy, planning and preparation at a fractional cost

Our tax services are built around your needs and our operational structure is designed for efficiency. 


We offer every SmartBooks tax client a mid-year tax planning session. We’ll project your taxes for the full year and provide options for managing and reducing your tax liability. This not only gives you visibility into what lies ahead but also allows you to adjust course when needed.

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Pillars of our tax services

Preparation: Expert on-time preparation of the local, state, and federal returns for you and your business.

Planning: Strategic tax planning sessions with your SmartBooks tax advisor to optimize your tax strategy.

Strategy: Expert support and consulting from your SmartBooks tax team available as needed throughout the year.

Whether your business is an LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp, we’ll help you:

  • Both comply with and leverage changing federal, state, and local tax law
  • Manage cash-basis tax liabilities against accrual-basis management accounting
  • Determine appropriate taxation of employee benefits provided to business owners
  • Take advantage of year-end tax management opportunities
  • Manage income, sales, and use tax liabilities across multiple jurisdictions based on your business’s nexus
  • Manage cash availability to cover tax liabilities
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Why Companies Like Yours Choose To Outsource Their Taxes From SmartBooks

Streamlined, Efficient Tax Preparation: Whether your books are complete and current or you’ve been stuffing a shoebox or folder full of receipts, we can make tax management simpler for you. If necessary, we’ll clean up your books and records prior to preparing your returns, and going forward, we can offer you ways to manage your records efficiently, without the shoebox or folder.


Integrated Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Services: Bundling tax with bookkeeping and accounting provides an even greater advantage to your business. Your tax advisor remains in close contact with your bookkeeping and accounting team throughout the year to make sure your tax strategy has a rock-solid foundation.


You won’t ever have to pay additional tax preparation fees for your books to get cleaned up, and your books won’t get cluttered with adjusting journal entries made by your tax preparer. And you’ll never be caught in the middle between your bookkeeper and your tax preparer.


No Extensions, No Surprises: More often than not, tax preparers use extensions as a way to balance their workload away from the peak demand of tax deadlines and not because you actually need one. We start our tax work long before filing deadlines. We’ll never put you on extension unless you really need one.

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Top 5 Tax Saving Strategies You Need Right Now

If you wait until tax time to consider how you can save money, the opportunity has already passed. Get actionable tips to implement right now to start saving money immediately.

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“Affordable, high quality accounting and tax service. The name of the game is leveraging SmartBooks and their amazing staff so you can focus on your business.”


“We could not be where we are today without SmartBooks! Every time we have needed assistance in a new area, they have been ahead of us and able to fully support and perform necessary work resulting in success.”

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