Small Business Growth Statistics: 50 Facts of Successful Businesses

50 small business growth statistics to keep in mind as you grow your business.

Here are 50 small business growth statistics to keep in mind as you grow your business.

Growth & Survival

1. Over 500,000 businesses open every month.
2. There are 30.2 million small businesses.
3. Small businesses employ 57 million workers.
4. Poor cash flow accounts for 82% of small business failures.
5. About 50% of new businesses survive five years.
6. Approximately one in twelve businesses close each year.
7. About one-third of business last ten years.
8. More than half of small businesses employ a CFO.
9. The average small business begins with $10,000 in capital.
10. Almost 90% of small business owners earn less than $100,000.
11. Businesses with less than ten employees make up 75% of private employers.
12. 17% of small business owners outsource their accounting to a CPA.
13. Only 19% of small business owners work over 60 hours per week.
14. About half of small business owners anticipate growth.


15. The average SBA backed loan was $107,000 last year.
16. Most home businesses can be started with $1,000 to $5,000.
17. Businesses owned by women create $1.8 trillion in revenue.
18. Banks approve about 26% of small business loans.
19. In the last 20 years small businesses have created 8.4 million jobs.
20. Business credit cards, lines of credit, and business loans make up about 75% of financing for small businesses.
21. Homeowners are 10% more likely to start a business.


22. More than 50% of small business owners ranked their job satisfaction as very high.
23. Women own 12.3 million businesses in the US.
24. Most business owners, 84%, would do it again.
25. Nearly 90% of businesses offer benefits.
26. Almost 2,000 new businesses are opened by women every day.
27. Women aged 45 to 65 years old account for half of female business owners.
28. Minorities have ownership of 45% of small businesses.
29. Immigrants make up 12% of small business owners.
30. Of startups valued at $1 billion, 55% had at least one immigrant founder.
31. A company with more than one founder has a higher rate of survival.
32. Veterans own 9.3% of small businesses.


33. Most small businesses, 61%, invest in social media.
34. Over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices.
35. Less than half, 47%, of small business owners market on their own.
36. Most small businesses spend less than two hours per week on marketing.
37. About one third of business do not have a website while 64% do.
38. If a site does not load in four seconds 25% of visitors will leave.
39. The most important detail for a website is contact info.
40. Over half of users won’t recommend a client with a bad website.
41. Inbound marketing delivers high ROI, reports 53% of business owners.
42. Most small business do not use content marketing.
43. A website is the most effective marketing tool, according to 92% of business owners.


44. On average, it takes six days to open a business in the US.
45. Finding talent is a problem for 56% of owners.
46. Generating new business is the biggest obstacle for success in US.
47. Small business are targeted in 43% of cyberattacks.
48. The majority of small business owners do not have a bachelor’s degree.
49. After a cyberattack, 60% of businesses go under.
50. Quick scaling accounts for 74% of failure in startups.

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