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Is An Accounting Consultant Right For Your Photography Business?

Why photography businesses should outsource accounting tasks.

When’s the right time to outsource your photography business’s bookkeeping?

It’s a hard question to answer! If you’re running a photography business, you’re likely still managing your books by hand, or having someone you know help you out. And we don’t have to tell you that this situation isn’t ideal. You’re busy juggling projects, accounts, and a constantly shifting workload.

The last thing you, as a creative professional, should worry about is the financial side of things. The good news is that these days, with the wealth of accounting advisors available to small business owners, you don’t have to go it alone.

Strategic Accounting Management

Many small business owners shy away from the idea of getting accounting help because they can’t justify the costs of an in-house professional. This is the perfect time to test the waters with an outsourced bookkeeping or accounting consultant. These consultants will help you manage every aspect of your financials, starting with your bookkeeping:

  • Record transactions
  • Manage payroll
  • Maintain ledgers
  • Generate invoices

These are the standard tasks that tend to bog down small business owners, and they’re some of the best areas for accounting outsourcing. But if you’re looking to bring a higher level of financial wisdom to your growing business, you might be better off with an accounting consultant, who has different goals:

  • Prepare top-level financial statements
  • Assess financial data for trends
  • Forecast based on historical data
  • Tax preparation and planning

In other words, consultants analyze your data, workflows, and overall accounting health to determine which improvements could help you further push the value of your photography work. In this way, a consultant can be a key factor in turning a photography business’s abstract financial figures into actionable strategies to improve profits.

Long-Term Financial Planning

One of main benefits of hiring an accounting professional to help with your books is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your company financials are in good hands. This is important for managing your books today as well as how your photo business grows in the future. As you bring in new clients, you’ll find yourself juggling more payments, more invoices, and more possibilities for expansion.

These are all great things for a creative enterprise, but they’re also tricky areas to navigate without help. This is a big area where accounting expertise pays off. Accounting consultants help determine which of your services contribute most to your financial well-being, what other strategies you could consider, and how to manage the operational costs of project management.

On top of that, they can provide valuable insight into accounting regulations that the layman may not be familiar with. For example, all businesses must stay compliant with reporting regulations set forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). These might seem like concerns for larger businesses than yours, but setting yourself up with good habits now is the best way to proceed.

Accounting Expertise for Your Photography Business

Accounting consultants are great options for creative entrepreneurs who need help assessing their finances, shoring up profitability leaks, or managing compliance in the long-term. If you’re tired of spending time crunching numbers on spreadsheets, an outsourced financial partner might be just the thing you need. With their help, you can spend less time on administrative duties and more time out in the field doing what you love.

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