Is an Accounting Consultant Right for Your Business?

How an accounting consultant can help your small business.

There are many different accounting professionals you can enlist to help manage your books. You are probably familiar with the services bookkeepers and certified public accountants offer, but what about accounting consultants?

Depending on the size of your business, you may already have one or more accountants on staff. So why would you hire another?

Accounting consultants offer skills you will not find from other sources. Let’s look at what consultants do and the services they can offer so you can decide if hiring one is right for your business.

What is an Accounting Consultant?

When a business is just getting started, managing finances is easy enough. You keep the books balanced, employees paid, and taxes filed. As your company grows you might hire a bookkeeper so you don’t have to deal with the numbers yourself. In general, you can run the business without worrying too much about financial details.

As your business grows, finances become more important. This is where an accounting consultant comes in.

An accounting consultant is a veteran analyst who can generate reports on the health of your business and help you interpret them. Their experience also enables them to forecast how your finances will trend in the future. You can make informed decisions.

In addition, an accounting consultant is up-to-date on the best financial practices in the industry. They are also aware of regulatory issues that concern your business. This means a consultant can identify areas of your business that need attention to remain in compliance.

How Can an Accounting Consultant Help Your Business?

An accounting consultant brings a wide array of skills to the plate. Many of the things they can offer your company are most valuable as it continues to grow. Let’s look at some specific instances in which an accounting consultant could be useful for your business.

1. Compliance Assurance

Consultants can ensure your business is in full compliance with all financial procedures. This is a vital concern for you as a business owner; any failure to follow all legal requirements can put your company in extreme jeopardy.

By hiring a consultant, you are getting a second set of eyes. You can “see” what your accounting department is doing. Consultants can help identify taxes or regulations that may have been missed and correct the situation before any oversights harm the company.

2. Financial Predictions and Planning

With growth comes an entirely different set of obstacles. An accounting consultant brings a wealth of experience helping businesses expand. Using this knowledge, a consultant will advise you on the best ways to use your company’s current and future resources.

A consultant is responsible for reviewing your finances and generating reports. These reports will give you a valuable perspective on your financial strengths and key profit drivers. In addition to the guidance, an accounting consultant can offer you, this information can help you capitalize on opportunities and avoid situations that could cost the company money.

3. Improved Financial Management

As your business become larger and its accounting needs become more complex, you will find your accountants need a better record-keeping system in place. While your staff might be excellent at processing the data you need, they may not have any experience designing or implementing a new financial structure.

Your accounting consultant can see where your accounting process is failing and help design a new system. Once the consultant has determined what will help your accountants, they will be able to set up the tools your team needs. They can then train them on how to use them and get your business prepared to face the financial challenges ahead.

A Strong Choice for Growing Businesses

Accounting consultants are not replacements for the accounting staff that keeps your records up-to-date. They are an additional resource that should be employed by business owners planning expanding operations to be more competitive. For this reason, they are not for every company.

When your company is getting ready to move to the next stage of expansion, you want the best help you can hire. If you want to run a stronger company and the ability to make more informed decisions, hiring an accounting consultant can be a great option.

On the other hand, outsourcing your entire accounting and bookkeeping operations may be the right decision for you. It all depends on your needs and goals.

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