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COO Jeff Provost Appears on the All Things Franchising Podcast

Yesterday, Jeff Provost appeared on the All Things Franchise podcast with Linda Ballesteros.

On the show, they discuss:

  • Jeff’s history working with small business owners
  • When is the right time to outsource back-office operations
  • The partner vs. vendor approach from outsourcing service providers
  • Common issues franchisees and franchises face with financial operations

Linda Ballesteros is the owner of Mpower Franchise Consulting where she works with those who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves with the franchise that best fits their skills, passion and what they want their lifestyle to look like. She is also very aware of those industries which are more recession resistant.

Jeff Provost is the Chief Operating Officer at SmartBooks. He has worked with many types of businesses, from start-up to Fortune 100 companies and everything in between. He especially loves being able to work directly the small business to help them run a healthy business.

Listen to the full podcast below.