Empowering Healthy Business Podcast Episode 12: Steps 5 & 6 of The Financial Operating System: Managing the Business

After developing a great set of financial goals and operating metrics, you need strong systems and processes to manage the business toward achieving those targets and improving financial results. In this episode of the Empowering Healthy Business Podcast, host Cal Wilder shows you how to go about doing that in Steps 5 & 6 of The Financial Operating System: Manage the Business and Learn, Iterate & Improve.

About the Empowering Healthy Business Podcast

The Empowering Healthy Business Podcast is THE podcast for small business owners seeking to balance having a nicely profitable business, a sustainable, scalable, and salable business, lower stress levels, better work-life balance, and improved physical and emotional fitness. Yes, this is possible! Though it’s not easy. We’re here to help you navigate toward this objective.

Check us out at www.empoweringhealthybusiness.com.

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