Case Study: Increased Profit Margins on 27% of Its Clients Contracts With the Help of SmartBooks

Founded in 2006,’s mission is to help business executives get the most out of their technology investment.


In the past, struggled with keeping things organized. Despite having a local bookkeeper, time consuming manual processes and limited visibility made it difficult for the team to manage toward its goals. They didn’t have the expertise to implement reporting systems, understand which clients were profitable and evaluate performance metrics versus industry benchmarks and management goals.

“SmartBooks has the expertise and deep understanding of our MSP industry, which facilitated getting my metrics and reports in place. There is no learning curve on what they do, how they do it and what the numbers should be.”

Kirill Bensonoff Founder

How SmartBooks Helped

SmartBooks worked with Kirill Bensonoff, a co- founder of to upgrade their accounting policies and procedures. As their systems became organized and integrated, he realized they were missing significant data. Incorporating new data, they saw that certain client engagements were unprofitable. “It was very eye-opening to see how much stuff we were missing prior to SmartBooks”, he says. “Thankfully, now I know what I need to be pricing my services at in order to be profitable.” SmartBooks introduced the labor efficiency multiple, which measured the profitability of their service delivery department and a number of other metrics that revealed their overall performance.

“SmartBooks gave me a weekly scorecard that I used with my sales team to help run my business. It was a very useful feature and a great experience.”

Kirill Bensonoff Founder


The transition to SmartBooks has paid off in spades for Consolidating all of their systems into one platform and using SmartBooks’ MSP metrics really allowed them to focus on growing the business. Within one year of engaging SmartBooks, they improved profitability on 27% of client contracts and saw an 18% increase in contribution margin rate. The traction they are now getting is a direct result of the ability to analyze their business and manage toward their goals.

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