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Outsourcing your payroll processing and benefits management to SmartBooks ensures critical functions happen smoothly and reliably. Outsource your HR management for a cost-effective way to get expert guidance and easy access to professionally maintained HR resources.

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It’s easy to take for granted, but there’s probably no function that your team counts on more fundamentally than payroll. It may seem like a simple job, but managing payroll and benefits administration can quickly become time-consuming and burdensome. It’s not that you have more important things to do with your time, but chances are good you have better things to do with your time, especially if you’re working on growing your company.



An inevitable byproduct of growth is that your human resources needs become significantly more complex as you expand your team, and with a more diverse and complex workforce, it’s not always clear what’s required of you as an employer or what the best path forward is. Making the wrong decision — even with the best of intentions — can expose your company to legal and regulatory penalties and undermine the happiness and productivity of your team.

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Features of payroll and HR services

Payroll Service Plans for Small Businesses: Whether you have a small salaried staff working from a single office or a multi-location business with high staff turnover and a mix of compensation plans, your most basic needs are the same: payroll and related functions need to be done on time and right, without your having to worry about it. Every SmartBooks payroll service plan starts with that core promise and builds an operational plan to meet your business’s precise needs.

Core payroll features include:

  • Support for any mix of part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried, and performance-based compensation plans
  • Scalable from single-state, single-office workforces to multiple states, offices, and tax jurisdictions
  • Integration with leading small business payroll processing platforms like ADP and Gusto
  • 401(k) processing
  • Tax and other government reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/ resignations
  • On-call, as-needed expert support for your questions

Core benefits features:

  • Employee withholdings and benefits contribution rates
  • Open enrollment and add/change/drop orders
  • ACA reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/ resignations
  • On-call, as-needed expert support for your questions

HR Resources & Support You Can Trust: Whether you need access to professionally maintained HR resources, help developing HR policies and documents, or ongoing HR consulting, we can help you reduce your compliance risk and improve team happiness and efficiency.

Service options include:

  • Easy-to-navigate state and federal employment law libraries
  • HR document guides and templates
  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Custom job descriptions and HR documents
  • Unlimited Q&A support with an HR expert
  • Proactive coaching by an HR expert
  • Harassment prevention training
  • Law alerts and updates to keep you informed
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Aman Advani

Co-Founder and CEO

“We hired the SmartBooks HR team with a simple, tactical ask – to manage our HR functions, paperwork, payroll, and the like. But after nearly five years with the team, they’ve gone far beyond that – truly a part of the team, deeply integrated into our wider strategy and one-off challenges.”

Lisa A. Caldwell-Meeks

“Preparing my 50-page employee handbook and the list of employment forms for new hires (also specific to California) was a daunting task. SmartBook’s Client HR and Payroll Manager, Rebecca Gordon, was a godsend!”

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