Unleashing Profitability for Your Service Business with Time Tracking

Unleashing Profitability for Your Service Business with Time Tracking


As business owners and HR executives know, human capital is one of the biggest cost determiners in service-oriented businesses. Companies need simple, repeatable processes for allocating resources, compensating employees, and billing clients—all without significant investments in clerical labor.

Time tracking software, of course, is the answer to these issues. Most companies know the value of their time tracking software for efficiency, but what many don’t know is how powerful it can be for boosting profitability. When used correctly, time tracking tools can support team management, project visibility, and efficiency across the board.

This guide will show you:

  • How time tracking can improve your firm’s profitability
  • How to motivate your employees to track their time
  • Time tracking solutions that integrate with existing general ledger and payroll systems for administrative efficiency

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