Harvard Business School Confidential: Secrets of Success

Emily Chan

John Wiley & Sons,  August 2009

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Harvard Business School is the iconic business school. An admission ticket to HBS is a hot commodity and an HBS degree is highly respected in the business world. This book, written by an HBS grad and seasoned businesswoman, tells you why. It is a distillation of the most valuable and pragmatic but yet easiest to learn concepts taught at HBS.

Table of Contents
Part One: Personal
Chapter One: How Money Works
Chapter Two: You Can Negotiate Anything
Chapter Three: Speak So People Will Listen
Chapter Four: It's Who You Know
Chapter Five: It Is Bigger Than You

Part Two: Operations
Chapter 6: Process Management
Chapter 7: Human Resources
Chapter 8: Marketing
Chapter 9: Sales
Chapter 10: Finance

Part Three: Strategy
Chapter 11: The Big Picture
Chapter 12: Filling in the Blanks
Chapter 13: "Plans are nothing. Planning is everything"
Chapter 14: The Classics
Chapter 15: Final words

| ISBN: 9780470822395 | Publication Date: August 2009


"Harvard Business School Confidential should be available to every business entrepreneur and business executive as a starter´s guide to business. The book provides clear explanations of the most fundamental yet critical concepts, supported by interesting stories either from HBS case studies or from the author's experiences. As the largest originator of leasing transactions in China, it is of utmost importance that our staff have a strong ability to understand and assess any business in a short period of time. The tools and lessons in Harvard Business School Confidential are perfect for them."
--Kevin Ma, Founder and Chairman, New Century International Leasing, Beijing, China

"With global financial markets, banks and businesses unraveling due to poor decision making and mismanagement, there cannot be a better time than now to read this absorbing book. Harvard Business School Confidential brings clarity and common sense into the muddled, murky world of financial planning and investment. The author has created a detailed and well-signposted map of how to drive your business forward on the road to success, without falling off the ubiquitous slippery slope. Her excellent all-round business savvy, financial skills, problem-solving abilities and clear vision makes this book essential reading!"
--Peter Bond, Former Chairman, Universal Music Australia, New Zealand & South Africa

"As a Harvard Business School graduate and seasoned businesswoman, the author shares many pragmatic but easy to understand concepts taught at Harvard. Harvard Business School Confidential provides real-life business advice and will leave readers with a determination to succeed."
--Ho Kwon Ping, Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd. & Chairman, MediaCorp Pte. Ltd. & Chairman, Singapore Management University

"Harvard Business School Confidential shows how you can maximize your wealth by maximizing your capital and its potential. Written in a lively and interactive style, this book outlines personal investment strategies and key tools in operating companies. This book is perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to get ahead and stay ahead."
--William Heinecke, Founder & CEO, The Minor Group, Bangkok, Thailand