Profit with Honor: The New Stage of Market Capitalism

Daniel Yankelovich

Yale University Press,  May 2006

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This wise and optimistic book examines the scandals that plague American corporations today and shows how companies can reverse the discouraging trend. New laws won't solve the problem, writes Daniel Yankelovich, a social scientist and experienced boardroom member, but business leaders have an opportunity to rebuild an ethic of corporate stewardship.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780300108583 | Publication Date: May 2006

"Warning that trust in business cannot be restored by regulations alone, Dan Yankelovich proposes an alternative well suited to both realistic executives and concerned citizens." 
--David Mathews, Kettering Foundation

"Based on insights gained from decades of in-depth public opinion studies, Yankelovich has marshaled compelling data documenting the decline in public trust in major institutions such as government, business, medicine, and the media. In an effort to reverse this dangerous decline, he focuses on corporations that he believes must take the lead in advocating 'stewardship ethics' as the next phase in the evolution of the corporation for the well-being of both business and society." 
--Dorothy Zinberg, Harvard University

"Another brilliant diagnosis and a thoughtful, productive recommendation to deal with a major problem. This creative approach offers real potential for better corporate governance." 
--Robert A. Burnett, chairman and CEO (retired), Meredith Corporation

"As positive and perspicacious as ever, noted public intellectual Daniel Yankelovich urges American corporations to transcend the recent scandals. In crystalline prose, he argues that a higher standard of stewardship ethics will serve the interests not only of big business but also of an increasingly market-driven world." 
--Paul W. Drake, University of California, San Diego

"Executives often argue that, in a large corporation, it is impossible to be everywhere. A few bad apples, they suggest, can ruin it for all the good people. Daniel Yankelovich contradicts that false view. Once embraced, stewardship ethics effectively places the CEO and all management everywhere -- all the time. The book reviews and reveals the process -- and the key." 
--Sidney Harman, executive chairman, Harman International, and author of Mind Your Own Business

"Profit with Honor is an extraordinary book. Dan Yankelovich not only identifies the reasons why some of America's best-known corporations went wrong, but, more important, provides a road map for all corporations to help society, improve their image, and avoid the sins of the past. Must reading for all CEOs and boards of directors." 
--Jack D. Rehm, chairman (retired), Meredith Corporation

"A refreshing antidote to the Enronic plague. Profit with Honor charts a path to a restored confidence in the American business ethic." 
--Daniel Schorr, senior news analyst, National Public Radio

"Now and then a new book comes along [that is] . . . short, essential, and wise.  . . . Profit with Honor is such a book." 
--Rushworth Kidder, Christian Science Monitor

"Yankelovich takes us to the future frontiers of global capitalism, showing how companies can regain the trust of society while enhancing their earnings at the same time. A short, engaging book with a very big and important idea."
--Jeffrey E. Garten, Yale School of Management and author of The Politics of Fortune: A New Agenda for Business Leaders

"The one book that every Chairman and CEO must read this year."
--Ged Davis, World Economic Forum